RE:cycle of the PENGUINDRUM Part 1: Your Train Is the Survival Strategy (2022)

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This is a story about certain siblings, suddenly-appeared penguins, and the past and the future of this world… The Takakura brothers, Kamba and Syoma, search for PENGUINDRUM by order of a mysterious penguin-shaped hat to save their ill sister Himari. Ringo Oginome keeps realizing that her destiny has been written in a diary. Masako Natsume tries to get her hands on Ringo’s diary to find her new destiny. Keijyu Tabuki and Yuri Tokikago attempt to get back their precious person of fate. All seek the PENGUINDRUM for their own sake and that of someone dear to them. Ten years later… Kamba and Syoma, who rode the train to change fate, momentarily come back from the place their fate took them…

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Duration: 125 Min